Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Egypt Books

Currently, the store has a nice selection of books about Egypt. Please email (addy in side bar) for details on book conditions & prices.

--Dictionary of Egyptology, Brockhampton Reference. “a concise and informative A-Z of the dynasties, kings and queens, historic sites and archaeological objects of ancient Egypt, from the beginning of its civilization to its overturn by the Romans.”
--Wrapped for Eternity, the story of the Egyptian mummy, by Mildred Mastin Pace. “Here are the fascinating details of how the mummies were made, discovered, and used”
--The Search for the Gold of Tutankhamen, by Arnold C. Brackman. The Search—The Find—The Curse.
--Life Under the Pharaohs, by Leonard Cottrell. Illustrated. “How did the Ancient Egyptians live—those builders of colossal tombs and temples whose rich civilization reached such peaks of achievement over 3000 years ago?”
--The Culture of Ancient Egypt, by John A. Wilson. “a rich and interpretive biography of one of the greatest cultural periods in human experience.”
--Egypt of the Pharaohs, by Sir Alan Gardiner. A history of Egypt from the earliest times to the conquest of Alexander the Great in 332 BC.
--Egypt Before the Pharaohs, by Michael Hoffman. The story of the great archaeological discoveries of the last century that have given us our first coherent picture of the life and culture of prehistoric Egypt.
--Cleopatra by Emil Ludwig. “A masterful recreation of the life and times of antiquity’s greatest queen, whole love affairs with Caesar and Mark Antony changed the course of history.”
--Tutankhamun and the Valley of the Kings, by Otto Neubert. The story of King Tut’s Egypt.
--Ramses II, the Pharaoh and his Time. From a traveling exhibit.
--Ancient Egypt, 3000 years of splendor, by Warner Hutchinson. Many photos and drawings.
--What Life was Like on the banks of the Nile, Egypt 3053 BC to 30 BC. “chronicles the lifestyles and customs, the skills and technologies, the passions and beliefs of the men and women”
--The Pyramids and Sphinx. “traces the epic course of Egyptian civilization, from the first primitive settlements along the Nile to the triumphant era of the Old Kingdom pyramid builders.”
--Treasures of Tutankhamun. From exhibit.
--Daily Life in Ancient Egypt.
--The Treasures of Tutankhamun, by I. E. S. Edwards.
--Riddles of the Sphinx, by Paul Jordan. “tells the full story of the Great Sphinx of Giza”
--Conversations with Mummies, new light on the lives of ancient Egyptians, by Rosalie David & Rick Archbold.
--Secrets of the Great Pyramid, by Peter Tompkins.
--The American Discovery of Ancient Egypt.
--Pyramid by David Macaulay
--Egypt: Land of the Pharaohs.

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