Friday, December 19, 2008

Some Cat Books

The store has a nice selection of books about cats. These are some of them.

The Mind of the Cat by Gary Brodsky. From the dust jacket flap--"This book will bring you new insights into the complex personality of the mysterious, magnificent cat. Learn about the human-like emotions a cat feels and how it expresses them. Discover the many messages a cat conveys through purring. Understand the touching reason why cats "cruelly" play with their prey. You will discover how complex the cat is--at once aloof and dependent, domesticated and wild, wise and self-sufficient yet eternally juvenile. Enter and understand the exciting, no longer secret world of your cat."

How to Live with a Neurotic Cat, by Stephen Baker. From the dust jacket flap--"A recent census taken among cats shows that approximately 100% are neurotic. Of course cats are neurotic. As a human being, you have everything they want and refuse to share. You take up too much room in the bed, keep thge best food for yourself, don't offer them a seat at the ta le, and control the remote for the TV."

The Secret of Cooking for Cats, by Martin A. Gardner. "A witty and thoroughly detailed cookbook for people who truly love their cats."

The New Natural Cat, a complete guide for finicky owners, by Anitra Frazier. "Extremely practical, covers common and mundane problems in a unique way."

Catwatching, Why cats purr and everything else you ever wanted to know. by Desmond Morris

The Cat Owner's Problem Solver, practical and expert advice on caring for cats, by John & Caroline Bower.

Coddle Your Cat, how to pamper your kitty in style--practical projects to prove you care by Eve Devereux.

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