Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Yikes!--More Books. Where to Put Them?

So, I answer the ringing store phone to hear about “a large bookcase of occult books I need to get rid of.” Further conversation makes it all sound worth my time to go take a look and a time is set. I load up my car with boxes and go. Yep, it sure is a large bookcase and it is surely packed with books—Edgar Cayce, meditation, reincarnation, yoga, Ernest Holmes, ESP, paranormal of all sorts, and other misc. No picking and choosing, I had to take them all. Eight large boxes later my car’s trunk and back seat are full of books and I head home. The books are currently in my tack room/book room. I have done a rough sort and weeded out the ones I can’t use for the store and they are in a box in the carport waiting to go away. It was during the rough sort that I realized that there is no room in the store for all these books. Oh-Oh….now what? Well, I have an idea or two to get some of them here but I really need to sort through the four large boxes in the back room of the store first and those books also have no place to go. Guess things are going to get interesting around here once again as I move books around to make some space for the new arrivals. Who needs gym membership? I just move boxes of books from one place to another!

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