Friday, January 16, 2009

One thing leads to another

Over the weekend I pulled books from the storage at home to restock the shelves in the store. When I got to the mysteries, I realized that section needed major re-vamping. I decided to cull out the old books that do not sell anymore to make room for all the newer books. As I was doing this, I saw that I would be able to have more space on each shelf and shift the books over to make room for the Adventure/Suspense books which are badly in need of more space. I also was working through the duplicates stored in the store and put them on the shelves as needed, so this was a complex project.
As I write this now, I have culled the culls and have started the shift. Once the mysteries are shifted, then I can shift the Adv/Sus books over. Somewhere in all the craziness I need to also fix up the culls so I can sell them as "cheapies" at 4 for $1.
I am definitely keeping busy. Now, back to moving books.

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The Byards said...

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