Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Some Curiosities

Some Curiosities

Just a few of the wide variety of books available. Ask for price, condition, any other details.

The Life of Samuel Johnson with selections from the writings of Johnson, edited with an introduction and notes by Homer K. Underwood, A.M., Head of the Department of English in the High School, Passaic, New Jersey. Book by Thomas Babington Macaulay. Printed in New York by Charles E. Merrill Company, 1911. An interesting little book. The first part is about Macaulay and includes a Bibliography. The rest of the book is Macaulay’s writings on Samuel Johnson. It is one of Merrill’s English texts of the masterpieces of English Literature.

Taquisara by F. Marion Crawford, in two volumes, published by The Macmillan Co. in New York, 1897. A novel that looks intriguing.

Gong Hee Fot Choy Dream Book with Prophecy Numerology and Planetary Tour Guide, revised and enlarged edition, Margarete Ward with excerpts from my book prophecy.An interesting little booklet with Chinese philosophy, a discussion of how the author met her Chinese teacher, and then the major part of the book titled “The Meaning of Your Dream” with various subjects in alphabetical order.

Lafayette, Friend of America, published by John Hancock LI Co. copyright 1928. this pamphlet is a short history of Lafayette’s part in the American revolution.

Thud, by Terry Pratchett, hardback, 2005. If you like Terry Pratchett, you really like him. If not, oh well.

Conspicuous California Plants, with notes of their garden uses by Ralph D. Cornell with illustrations by the author & drawings by Elizabeth Lewis. San Pasqual Press, Pasadena CA, 1938. A classic book for the horticulturist. Contents include chapters on the Sequoias, Madrone, Oaks, Sycamores, Cottonwoods, Pines, Rhuses, Manzanitas, Toyons, Yuccas, and so much more. A must-have book for anyone who is interested in the California native species.

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