Thursday, January 22, 2009

Quick Review

Malkeh and Her Children a novel by Marjorie Edelson. "She strove to sustain her courageous Jewish family, even as their lives and traditions were threatened by the perils of the Russian Revolution."
I have read many books dealing with the Jews in East Europe and Russia and the Jewish immigrant experience but this is one of the best I have read. The characters are all believable and of interest. The details of their lives are richly explored and made real to us now, so far away in both time and experience. The richness of their spiritual life, the poverty of their physical world, the pogroms, the move to America and so much more is brought to life in a vivid manner. The book is wide-ranging as the different children's lives take them to China, to the cities of Russia, and finally to western America.
I highly recommend this book.

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