Friday, January 23, 2009


Many of the store customers know that I love Robert Parker's Spenser series. I have recommended these to many and have my own collection of all his books. I have read two of the Sunny Randall books and liked them OK, but much prefer the Spenser series. The repartee between Spenser and Hawk is the consistent highlight of each book in the series. At a customer's urging, I have just read one of Parker's westerns. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Think Spenser and Hawk in the Old West, and you will have the gist of the book. The one I read is Resolution and I now have a copy of Appaloosa to read. The store has only one copy of Appaloosa on the shelf right now but hopefully more of his westerns will show up at some point.
Yep, if you like the Spenser series, you will like the westerns.

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