Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More Books New to the Store

And more books, and more books, and lots more books and I just bought more.
I think the word has gone out that the "Fool" at Curt's Books is buying all sorts of books. I have had more offers of books in the past 3 weeks then in the rest of the year all together. I have bought a lot and sent a lot back out the door. These are in all different categories. There has been lots of fiction and lots of non-fiction also.
Buying them is the easy part. I can do that quickly. The hard work then comes to price them and get them on the shelves or on display. That takes a lot more time. But it does get done eventually.

Gotta have inventory to keep the customers happy!


Union Square said...

I have to ask, have you heard of a book called "Silver Snaffles"? I have read excerpts from it a dozen times but never found the book. I believe it was about a magical pony that took you to a land where you learned good little Pony Club principles.

CurtsBooks said...

A little late seeing your comment. No, I haven't ever come across that book.