Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More Excitement then Necessary

The shop next door to the west is Tobacco King. About a month ago they were broken into when someone rammed a truck into the back door and broke it out of the frame. Then, this week, in a well planned, carefully done project, a group broke into the empty shop on their west side, then broke through the wall into the store and cleaned them out. The thieves also cut the phone cable which cut my phone line also. Verizon did get someone out by noon but he could not fix cut cables and it wasn't until the end of the day that I had phone & DSL again. I wonder if they will ever be caught.


quietann said...

ick. How desperate for tobacco can some folks get? (And yes, I know a shop like that would have more than just tobacco...)

BTW husband and I will be in SoCal in mid-July and we might come up to Hemet to see the store. He is always looking for science fiction to add to his collection, which is currently about 3000 books...

No horses this year; he already puts up with so much horse stuff from me! BTW I did not get the BIG Lippitt gelding... have the mare w/o papers and she's a lovely little horse.

Gary said...

Wow, that is desperate. Why not just buy a pack for $3.50 instead. I was thinking about moving out there to Hemet, but I found a job in Chico instead so I'm looking for apartments out there instead. Sounds like a lot of excitement though.