Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's Wet in Here!

The good news is that the water pipe broke while someone was in the store. It would have been real bad if it had broke overnight.
This shopping center was built in 1980 and it was cheaply built so now things are coming apart. The water pipe in the concrete slab (and just who was the genius that decided water pipes should be in the slab?) broke and found its way into the store. Once we ascertained that it was not the sink or the toilet, I put in a call to my great plumber who rushed over and shut it off at the meter, which I could not do as I don't have a meter key.
It has been decided that it makes no sense to dig up the slab & fix the leak but instead to run a new line from the meter, into the store, up into the ceiling and back to the bathroom. Work will start when it starts. Plumber and landlord are in negotiation now.
Since the store has no water, I brought 4 one gallon jugs of water from home so I can flush the toilet. One does what one must.
Part of the back carpet is wet and has a fan running on it. We lost a few books but overall, it could have been much worse.

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