Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's Wet in Here, Part 2

The plumber came back yesterday to check on some things for re-routing the pipe. I told him that my faucet still had water and it looked like the valve in the meter box did not turn off completely (no surprise as it probably is the original valve). The valve in the meter box for the store next door also did not turn off very well. By chance, there was a city water works truck in the parking lot & the plumber talked w/ them to come replace the valves. So we ended up with 6 guys in orange shirts with two trucks working on two new valves in the meter boxes. In here, the carpet is drying out.
The plumber and the landlord are still talking.

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phaedra96 said...

Sure hope they quit talking and start fixing....water problems, electrical problems...both are a pain when they go wrong and wonderful when they work!!