Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Bookstore Threw Up in My Carport

I bought a lot of books from a woman who was selling off what was left of a family member's store. I had to send my two handymen with a truck to get them all. This is not all of them. At this point, I had already taken one stuffed-full car load of books I could not use for the store down to charity and another car load to the store where they reside in the back room for now waiting to be processed. Another load is in my storage area in the dutch barn. This is the last of the lot. The small stack of boxes nearest the camera will go to the store eventually. The large stack will go off to charity when one of my handymen gets their truck back on the road (each of them has a non-functioning truck right now).
The small business owner NEVER truly has a day off, even when staying at home that day.

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