Saturday, July 25, 2009

Slowly, ever so slowly, the books move to the shelves

The 5 million, 348 thousand, 561 books (or some number like that) are slowly moving onto the shelves. Some that I put out last week, have already sold. The record was To Kill A Mockingbird; it took only 1/2 hour from shelving to sales. Now the store has no copies of that book, again. Arthur Miller's The Crucible took about 5 hours to sell and now that is out of stock again. You gotta love the Honors English class; they come to buy good classics. A very scholarly Bible commentary that I bought last week and got on the shelf late yesterday just sold (at a bit short of noon today). Fast turnover is good. But it is also good when a book that has been here for years, finally sells.

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