Thursday, April 23, 2009

Westerns in the store, including Parker's Appaloosa

I finished revamping the westerns the other day. They have a bit more room now so the shelves are not so crowded and easier to pull books off to look at. Then, someone brought in a large bag of westerns by William Johnstone which I bought. They are mostly one or the other of his Mountain Man series--the First Mountain Man, the Mountain Man, the Last Mountain Man. I got those up promptly and some have sold already. His books are so popular that it is hard to keep a good selection of them on the shelf.
There are many other good authors, such as Elmer Kelton, Ralph Compton, Matt Braun, Ralph Cotton, Luke Short, Terry C. Johnston, McCarthy, Henry, and so many more whose names I can't recall right now.
There are several copies of Robert Parker's Appaloosa in the store now. Over the weekend, courtesy of Netflix, I watched the movie made from that book. WOW--they stuck closely to Parker's book and dialogue and did an excellent job. Not only did I enjoy the movie, but I also enjoyed the special features that talked of making the movie. And as a horse person, I was happy to see that they did the horses and the tack very well, sticking to period tack. I recommend both the book and the movie.

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