Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Twilight by Stephanie Meyers

This is one hot series. For months people have been asking for it but none have come into the store as people are holding on to their copies. Finally, last week, a copy of the first of the series, Twilight, showed up. I sidetracked it home to read.
It is written for "Young Adults" but many adults have been reading it. Over the years, I have read many Young Adult books and enjoyed them. This was not one of those. I felt that the author panders to teenage girls rather then writing a good story. There are holes in the plot and the book is just tedious. It is enlivened by the occasional flash of humor, but the humor is too little to save the book. It does not stand up well as either a paranormal romance or a good teen book.
In any case, it is already out of the store, bought by someone who probably won't be bringing it back.


Unfiltered Meghan said...

I had heard it was pretty bad, but GOD it has a following! No accounting for taste, I guess.

I've been curious about her book written for adults (I think it's called The Host). I wonder if it's any better.

CurtsBooks said...

I haven't seen her adult book. If I do, based on Twilight, I won't be reading it. I'll let others read it and tell me about it.