Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Quick Review--The Chinchilla Farm by Judith Freeman

This is a Trade Paperback fiction which came into the store a while back and got sidetracked to my house so I could read it. I finished it the other day and thoroughly enjoyed this book. On the back cover, one reviewer is quoted as saying "Elegant and unexpected..." and this book truly is that. The way it moves along, the interesting people found along the way, all this and more delights. Another reviewer says "Purely, simply, beautiful." That really does sum it up. Another reviewer said "Under the plain honesty and generosity of Judith Freeman's writing is a delicate and impressive artistic strength. I read The Chinchilla Farm right through as a fascinating story, but... it lingers in my mind as a true journey through the desert of the West and of the Soul." YES! It is fiction, but it is true. It is about the west and it is about each person who reads it.

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