Thursday, February 12, 2009

Some More New Titles

The store just received some new titles. They are paperback historical romances. There are two contemporary romances, a Sheryl Woods and a Luanne Rice. All of these are at the front of the store.


Meghan/Blatant Animal-Related Idiocy said...

So now that I went back and actually paid attention to what I was doing, I realized that I just bought a book from you on Amazon. The Last Wish.

Can you do me a favor and send some warm weather along with it?

CurtsBooks said...

No, you didn't. My Curt's Books has no presence on Amazon. That is another Curt's Books. They are in California also but have no physical store or web site. They are purely Amazon sellers. I know that because I asked them a few months back.
As to the weather, we are having a lovely cold spell with a series of Pacific storms. Rained, hailed, sleeted and blew last night. Sunny today, but cold. The snow once again just missed my place. More rain coming late tomorrow into Monday and maybe Tuesday.

CurtsBooks said...
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