Sunday, November 16, 2008

Quick Tour

As time goes by, I will be listing books in various groupings here in the store. But for today, here is a quick tour of the store.
Native American—a large selection of many types of books dealing w/tribes country wide
Military & Aircraft—a large WW2 section, a large WW1 section and a large Civil War section, as well as various books on different weapons and aircraft (also a section on civil aircraft)
Art—many books on the different facets of art
Biographies and autobiographies—hardback and paperback
Performing Arts—movies and TV
Animals—domestic (horses, dogs, cats, small pets, etc) and wild.
Science—astronomy, minerals & rocks, and many other topics.
History—US and World
Health—allopathic, alternative, anatomy, exercise & yoga, and more.
Music—how to play, sheet music, stars, more.
Crafts—sewing, quilting, most everything.
Do It Yourself & Interior Design & Woodworking—carpentry, home improvement, electrics, more.
Boats & Ships—a small section.
Cookbooks—all sorts and currently on serious discount.
Christian Religion—Bibles and more.
Spirituality—other religions, pagan, new age, more.
Western—history & lore.
Poetry and Literature—includes Classics & Almost Classics.
War & Sea—paperback war stories both fiction & non-fiction and sea stories.
Fiction—Romance, Novels, Adventure/Suspense, Mystery, Sci Fi & Fantasy, Horror—paperback both mass market & trade, some hardback.
“The Brown Shelves”—an esoteric selection of books, sometimes difficult to categorize but fun, wonderful, audacious, marvelous, amazing, entertaining, and just plain good reading.

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