Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Horse Books, Part 1

Quarter Horses, a story of two centuries by Robert M. Denhardt. Copyright 1967, Paperback edition, 1991. Written by the breed’s foremost historian, this book traces the QH from Colonial times to the middle of last century with stories of famous sires and early breeders. This book is a must for all QH fans.

Lyons on Horses, John Lyons’ proven conditioned-response training program. The book that started it all for Lyons, this comprehensive work covers many areas including round pen reasoning, saddling, trail riding, fear, and more.

Clicker Training for Your Horse by Alexandra Kurland. Signed by the author. This is the single best work for starting and advancing clicker training, written by the person who has helped many people with their horses.

TTouch for Horses, the A-Z book of unique training & health care techniques by Linda Tellington-Jones. A useful little book that can help both someone just starting w/TTouch and someone who is further along. Hard to find.

The Touch That Teaches, TEAM work w/Linda Tellington-Jones. A handy little pamphlet to help one get started.

TTOUCH for Horses, Video. Stands alone or goes w/the books above. This copy is still within its original shrink wrap.

Linda Tellington-Jones, TTouch for Dressage. Video. Very interesting and a good visual of what can be done.

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