Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Few Oldies-but-Goodies

This section has many good authors who were popular in their time and are still good reads today. Listed here are just a few:
Jeannette Angel—saga of early flight.
Taylor Caldwell—a superb storyteller whose books cover many eras and many places.
James Clavell—best known for his epic Shogun, his other books of Japan are equally compelling.
Lloyd Douglas—author of Magnificent Obsession, The Robe, The Big Fisherman, and many others.
Daphne du Maurier—Famous for her book, Rebecca, she wrote many other good ones.
Robert Elegant—Sweeping sagas of China.
Julie Ellis—Her books are epic romances of the turn of the century (early 1900’s).
Howard Fast—Prolific author of such books as The Immigrant’s Daughter, The Outsider, Max, and many more.
And that is only the first part of the alphabet. There are many more excellent reads in this section.


Anonymous said...

Noooo! Dammit you've awoken my other obsession! I went to a book sale yesterday at our local library and the old ladies running it were hassling me to go buy more books (it was bag sale day, a bag for $4), and my husband was practically dragging me out the door. So I practically have my own library in my office. He says that like it's a bad thing.

Anyway, if you ever see any older versions of Alice in Wonderland and/or Through the Looking Glass come through, let me know - I might just take them off your hands.

If my husband saw this post, I'd be getting the "No, bad, you have enough books!" speech :)

CurtsBooks said...

Heh-heh, yes, an obsession! Why do you think I had to buy a book store?!