Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Few of the Aircraft Books in the Store

All these books are available ordering by email. Shipping will be calculated for each order. Ask for book condition details, price, and any other information you require.

Soviet Air Power, An Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Warsaw Pact Air Forces Today by Bill Sweetman & Bill Gunston. A Salamander Book, 1978. From the DJ flap-- “This fascinating book provides an in-depth analysis of Soviet air power. It is divided into three parts:… . the third comprises a technical directory of their aircraft, profusely illustrated with color drawings, photographs and line diagrams. Unique features of the book are nineteen beautifully drawn color three-views of the most important aeroplanes, each annotated and reproduced on a double page spread, and two 8-page foldouts which illustrate five of the missile systems… .”

Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft 1969-1970, Sixtieth Anniversary Issue. Jane’s is the authority on aircraft. This is the best source for information on the aircraft of that time.

Golden Wings, a pictorial history of the United States Navy and Marine Corps in the Air, by Martin Caidin. 1960. From the DJ flap-- “Here for the first time is a pictorial history of the United States Navy and Marine Corps in the air. … from the earliest beginnings to Polaris and the supercarriers, … the result of a 3 year search for the best possible photographs.”

U.S. Air Power, Fighters, Bombers, Recon, Helicopters, and much more, by Bill Yenne. 1989. From the DJ flap--“…catches the speed and power of the world’s most sophisticated military jets and the agility and adaptability of our hard-working helicopters. … Dramatic, full-color photographs by aviation photographer George Hall show these aircraft at every possible angle.”

Airplanes from the Dawn of Flight to the Present Day, by Enzo Angelucci. Copyright 1971, 1982 edition pub. By Greenwich House. From the DJ Flap-- “For everyone interested in any and all aspects of aircraft, Airplanes is a compelling history of the wonderful flying machines—from the fragile wings fashioned for Icarus to the breathtaking and powerful spaceships… More than 900 military and civilian aircraft are illustrated in full color and black and white original drawings and diagrams…”

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Helicopters, by Michael J Taylor.1984. 150 color & 100 b/w illustrations.

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